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Seasons on Van Nguyenin henkilökohtainen valokuvatuotanto, jota olivat toteuttamassa Eetu Linnankivi, Sofia Tzoulas, Renja Riihonen, Ilona Parshukova. Teokset julkaistiin muotiin keskittyvässä SALYSÉ-lehdessä vuonna 2020.


The four looks in this editorial represent the four seasons of the year: spring, summer, autumn and winter in that order.

Inspired by the current pandemic and social distancing, the concept was built around the idea of a lonesome but wholesome getaway / quarantine, celebrating solitude with the most vibrant colors.

Although the story is about an escape from the world, all of the shots were taken indoors to stay true to the feeling of being in quarantine and embracing the idea of ”staying inside”.


– SALYSÉ, Nov 20, Vol 6, No 48

























SALYSÉ Magazine, Nov 20, Vol 6, No 48

Creative Director, Photographer & Retoucher |
Van Nguyen
Rena Rihonen
Set Design & Photographer |
Eetu Linnankivi
Wardrobe Stylist |
Sofia Tzoulas
Wardrobe |
All clothing and accessories are from thrift stores.

llona Parshukova (BRAND Model Management)

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